Copy and Paste Bug

Ok, i solved this by myself, but the problem is, I had to COPY AND PASTE EVERY SINGLE Vending Machine to make it show up. This happens with triggers as well. If you copy the trigger with other devices/props, the blocks don’t show up copied. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

No it isn’t, it happened to my first Bedwars map too

Which was ages ago

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Oh, okay

Like you have a vending machine under a prop like to buy a barrier? if so that happened to me too…i made a clash of clans game and copied the entire huge base so there would be two teams…none of the vending machines copied over so I just gave up and deleted the map in annoyance…


What is wrong with it?

VMs and Trigger’s Blocks don’t copy over if you copy it with multiple devices; You need to copy it by itself; Very time consuming

Something else though…does anyone have trouble where you have to click game link twice or it doesn’t copy (I almost got called to office like I had something copied from text boxes in game and forgot to double tap link…pasted it and clicked enter quickly and I don’t remember what it said only like how to knockout (instructions) or blue weapons…

Yes, that happens to me too. I have to click the C0de twice before it copies it…