Copy and does not belong here

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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I am ready for requests too just so you know

Just do you know, you may get flagged for this even though it is technically allowed.
nobody flag him!!!

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Ok and yes please nobody flag me


hmmm i’ll try my best buuut…

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Man where is the people?

IN SCHOOL… bro what do ya think

It is 7:27 AM and what? It’s summer break.

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I. am. still in school bro…

Wait a minute? Then how are you responding?

i be using school laptop

I am just confused… Really…

Well this is getting off topic so get back on topic guys!

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wait schools still happening? I’m on summer break.

Oh yeah I have to gtg but I will be back tomorrow maybe I can set up a account in my school computer and make thumbnails on them?

:rage: 1 1/2 weeks left…

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big log out button****CLICK

this isn’t necessary…

Bye guys don’t flag it don’t you dare…

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And get back on topic and for the last time into tomorrow bye

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