Cool ways to decorate your Custom Bosses!

Please read the wiki rules section before doing anything…

I have a question about the fact that bobthebuilder123 stole my design and claimed it was his. I can’t flag his post so how should I get it taken down? He got several likes and replies from stealing my design :confused:

well, first I want to see if you actually made it first…

ok, you can check, I posted it 11hrs or something before him and he just copy and pasted the image claiming it was his

can you link that post please

Here ya go: A guide to Samurais - #8 by wingwave

wait, did I link the wrong thing? why does it take me to a comment?

dang, @Bobthebuilder123 totally just stole it

Edit: but first before doing anything I want to see bobthebuilders reply to this

ikr, I was so flabbergasted when it happened, and so blatantly too.
Edit: Ok, I talked ab it to him but they probs aren’t awak or smth

I edited my reply above btw

so lets just wait till tomorrow, but lets get back


ok, I have to go anyways, peace

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I like to see this, the creativity


My gimkit’s not working but I will try and make some more later!

guys be sure to not delete the hidden section of the reply made bosses, I had to go in and fix it


I just put a boss in the reply made bosses section to save your time but it got deleted.

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A boss i made idk what to name tho :thinking:

2.0 version


choose your favorite

  • 1.0
  • 2.0
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Nice Guide

glitches happen, you might have to do it again