Cool themes ideas for your maps (reply with more themes)


Good guide @Rusty maybe if you have it down to like take a screenshot of each theme so people could get an idea on what to go off of. Just an idea you don’t need to do it if you don’t want too!


Thanks for the suggestion but I personally like how its laid out right now :slight_smile: .

corrupted dark forest theme maybe?


Sure could you make a small little area in your testing map show casing the idea?

i have no testing map anymore sadly and it is night time so maybe i can make it tommorrow?


Sure. (I should also probably go to bed as well its 12:00 AM where I am at.)

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11:11 where im at #nolife anyways to stay on topic maybe a circus map?


Maybe I can add that to the medieval fair where I make a suggestion to add an indoor circus section? With your credit of course.


sure bud whats one more ping anyways :yawning_face: good night bro i might still be on later tonight but eh 50/50 chance of it

ZZZZZ- OH yeah goodnight.

You could play down where it’s wetter, down where it’s better, under the sea.

Codes Invalid


Nice guide!

Nice guide, I like the survival one!

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Love the reference. I will 100% add this to the post. (you used barriers with no hitbox for the water effect, correct?)

Yes I did

Ok just making sure.

What should I call the theme?

@max1 you should block out the code.

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I saw this on the wix for Gimperer T Gimpossible’s (are they the same as @Thats_Gimpossible?)game, but Pirate Plunge works better underwater than above water.
@Theaxolotl read underneath the picture