Cool Can Crushing Anvil

Hi everyone, I am going to show you how to make an anvil crush a can.
1st, make a anvil and hammer like this:
Then add a can, (Which you are going to crush)
and a plate of steel (use a steel sign for the product of the crushed can) like this:
Make the can visible on game start,
and make the steel plate invisible on game start.
Wire a button to the can, so when you push the button, you turn the can invisible, and then wire the button to the sign, so when you click the button, the sign becomes visible.
Finally wire the sign to a wire repeater. Then Wire the repeater to a item granter. After that, you have to make the wire repeater have a 1 sec delay:

Then wire the repeater to the metal plate hiding it

And you are done!
Oh, also remember to disable button, and put something into the item granter


This is just an animation, maybe add more picures though

Ok, so I will add more pictures, also, should I put it under like the art tag or something?

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I don’t think so, as art has almost no devices

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