Consumeable items

Can you make an item (and I am talking about any item) be consumeable?

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Ummm. I don’t believe so the only consumable items in gimkit creative are the health paks, and shield bottles. I don’t believe any others are sonsumable.

No, it’s only shield cans.

Consuming Health Packs

Thanks for clarifying.

There is a way to simulate it. You have to have a checker that checks for the specific item constantly. If it detects it a button overlay pops up saying “eat __”. If the user presses it you would subtract one of that item from your inventory and then grant them a certain amount of health.

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Like TorontoBulls1 said, you can stimulate it.

Here’s a guide: How to simulate eating fish [Difficulty 🟩 ] (You can use other things than fish)