Confusion with KO manager

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to make a KO manager track if a player from a certain team tags another player from a certain team for a whodunnit mystery game I’m making.


I’m not sure if tagging counts as a KO…

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use a game overlay with a tracked item, then use a ko manager and give the player a item everytime they d i e/ knockout someome then, use the game overlay to track that item, and then use a tag zone to cover the whole play field, I think

Kosmo is correct, tags do not count as KOs. Use your tag zone device instead to track that.
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don’t think I’m right but I tried :grinning:

didn’t even realize, welcome!

thank you i will try with the tagzone

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There is a device called a tag zone do your settings here

Not to be rude but…
Did you read? Like, at all?

What do you mean by have you read it


@some_kid I did but he didn’t mark that as a solution


Ko manager? Tagging?

Ok idea (never tried)
Grab a tag zone, and do the tag setting you’d like! Now, respawn the player amongst tagging. Respawning is Ko? idk

oh yea hi @vinnyc!

the knockout manager has nothing to do with tagging, and I think gimkit is not planning on creating a tagging manager

There is a tag zone device in the device section.