Concepts of Gimkit Creative [ 📰 Resources] (Repost)

Wait, you’re making a… double coordinate system?

what do you mean?

The idea is that the waypoints are used to make the coordinate system.

I’m not making it, just proposing an idea

And you use triangulation to figure out how far you are from center


But there isn’t a way to get the distances, so it won’t work as of now.

Oh, I was using coordinate systems to get the distance to a waypoint…

For my voting system, do you think that teleporting the player there or putting their name on a popup is more fun?

i feel like these should be rated on how hard it is to implement rather than how hard it is to understand because you’ll just end up with all low #s


besides auo being 10/10 which idrk why that is


Making it so the names can be cycled through and the player can vote any name at any time I think would be more convenient.

Also why can you avoid damage from lasers if you move up and down? (Not side to side)

I don’t get what you’re saying.

I like being able to cycle through the player names independently and picking.

I know no way to have infinite players and that together…

Did you get your SSL certificates back?

Is it SSL?


Anyways I’m going to wix