Community Made Guides Ideas

I need ideas for guides that happen wholly in builder mode apparently.

Guys there’s a post limit :face_vomiting:, so I’ll be replying here:
@CassiusDoomlorde so is asking for unique ideas for my map (that I may or may not turn into a guide) ok?

@CassiusDoomlorde is asking the same thing in different clothes is ok?

@CassiusDoomlorde I mean the same thing but it just is in different words.

Right now, we don’t need more guides. We have a ton of them. We have duplicates.

Just try to think of something totally original by yourself.


But I can’t think of ideas by myself. I want to make guides to help people.

If someone tells you ideas, then they might as well make it themselves.

You can make guides on how to make things, just not about helping people navigate the forum. So just go onto a creative map and tinker around with stuff until you make something. Thats all it takes.

But what if they can’t make the guide? Like they don’t know how or they just don’t have the time?

They will likely know more about it than you do.

Also, I would suggest not making guides on art. Art guides are flagged a lot nowadays.


Time is a big issue, but yoy can take some ideas, and use them to make other things, all it takes is a random thought to make something big.

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Its toned down now, but if its a showcase, it will get flagged.


That’s ok, as long as your guide explains exactly how to make it and does not just advertise your game.


That I can agree with.

asking the same thing in different clothes?

what does that mean?


No idea.


I think he means in a different perspective. It might be a grammarian thing.

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Creative not bob bildur
add mario party
like the board game but
off brand
like Gim: The Board Game

Basically asking a different thing with the same intent.

How do you explain this?

And please, @here, help me get good ideas for a guide. I just want to help, like you.

You can help perfectly fine without making a guide. However, I get it. I was in your shoes once; new, wanting to leave a mark on the forums and help people. So I made a few guides and answered a bunch of help posts. Now that there are like three guides on every easy topic, just making a guide isn’t as easy. However, a great strategy is to help people. Eventually, you’ll find a question that could be answered properly with a guide. (I’m not taking about the trivial questions that you could answer in 1-3 sentences.) At the same time, you’ll be helping other people out and becoming better at GKC. I don’t really have a guide idea, but someone, sometime, in some help post might. If you’re really that impatient, make a board game in GKC. I did, and became a forum superstar.


what is that
yeah it says build
Screenshot 2024-01-13 11.45.26 AM
lol not Gimkit Builder Mode
but yeah that’s what I meant