Colors of rarity

does anybody know the colors of the rarity for gadgets? and if so can you provide the hex code?


grey common
green uncommon
blue rare
purple epic
yellow legendary

mostly the same for all games

… can you provide the hex code?

the gadgets have the same look, though, if that’s what you’re looking for

oh the colors well… not really i can try but its going to be slightly off

im trying to find the hex code of the gadgets.

I can get them to you in 5 hours (when I’m out of school)

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I’m getting it hold on

oh i can get that give me a sec. And btw its not hex its RGB.

You can use both.

That and HLS, but RGB is easier to recreate.

Legenday color

Epic Color

Rare Color

Uncommon Color

Common Color

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i also got it maybe not as accuret

the game makes it a gradient

yeah i had to use google to compare the colors, that was the closest i got.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 111941
Screenshot 2024-03-21 111936
Screenshot 2024-03-21 111930
Screenshot 2024-03-21 111925
Screenshot 2024-03-21 111918
here you go

no it uses shading, but all the colors but blue are pale

i used the color picker on the weapons back round but they have a dark to brighter so its not 100% accuret
Screenshot 2024-03-21 111949

yeah those are a bit more, vibrant than the item granter. But should this be like a small guide? so people can get those colors? i can ask josh for the exact RGB/HLS/HEX of them.