Coding Problems with Pop-ups

I’m trying to make a pop-up work so that when you enter the zone it opens but as soon as you close out of the pop-up the zone deactivates and you can’t see the pop-up again. I used two wires, one going from the zone to the pop-up saying that when you enter the zone the pop-up opens, and another from the pop-up to the zone saying that when the pop-up closes the zone deactivates. It’s no longer showing the pop-ups at all.

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@WolfTechnology do you know this

Yeah I can help! Give me a sec

How to Build

  1. Place down a zone
  2. Place down a popup
  3. Wire the zone to the pop-up player enters zone :arrow_forward: open popup
  4. Open the options of the zone and change these settings

Other Notes

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This will deactivate the zone for everyone
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thank you for your explanation, @Jobozo1875! It’s very helpful.

But is there any way to limit it to just the player?

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Sorry not on zones… You could do the same thing with triggers though and just set the scope to player!

its fine! as long as you know!

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Wasn’t sure if I should post this here, but I figured out a way to attach a trigger to the zone and pop-up so that it just affects the player.

  1. Attach the zone to the trigger with “player enters zone” and “trigger”
  2. Attach the trigger to the pop-up with “trigger” and “open pop-up”
  3. Attach the pop-up to the trigger with “pop-up closed” and “deactivate trigger”

!!Make sure that the trigger is set to “player” instead of “global”!!!

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