Clue (boardgame) card help

I am confused of how I should choose exactly one person, weapon, and place and divide the rest evenly.

Let me know once you figure that out lol. I have created 4 Clue maps thus far leaving the cards out. It would be nice to go back and add the cards.

Taken from the AmongUs Tug.

Heres also the guide itself:

You can modify these to your needs but this should give you some good framework to work off of.

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This seems better than whatever I use, also, has anyone seen @Dark_Hydra?

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He was last seen 16 hours ago. I am sure he is very happy you are back!
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Hey @Magenta_Dragon just a question, can you help me make among us? I am having trouble with @Haiasi’s ultimate guide.

Do you have discord or wix?



Pm me on discord then since that is easier.

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Can I do it at like 2:00 PST?


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Anyways, back on topic.
@ChessableHappenings1 I have an idea
Give me 3 hours and ten minutes.

Hello! It is me, Dark Hydra!

Select a random number (1-6 for the person and weapon, 1-8 for the room), set that as a certain property, and then for the rest you’d have to use some sort of list-like thing. Not sure exactly how you’d replicate it, but I’m open to brainstorming if you’re still confused.