Club Boss Ideas

Just Some Boss Ideas For A Club Themed Place

A powerful pink evil plant sentry with high aim, health and relaod?

Pink plant as queen normal as guards

There are several guides on making bosses, but I’m not sure if they will be ideal.

Don’t Really want a plant

Like A tag themed boss

Um—a boss in a tag zone?

No Like a club boss…

I’m sorry–what do you mean by “club?” Like, “downtown” type of thing?

a CLUB???
Guitar skin hit hard
a CLUB???
like is that allowed

Club as in party? If so then this: Credit to Burger King: Get a dry bush and put it on his head.

Woah, Woah, Thats too big. size it down a little by pushing this button.

That’s better.
Then, color his hair by going to appearance and coloring it.

I would color his hair a disco sort of color.

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