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Ok so yes, another tutorial. This was intended for people who didn’t know much about the rules. Try not to post off topic. You can’t ask when new updates or features are being added, or anything that doesn’t have to do anything with the topic/and or irrelevant, and this is not a chatting forum. Example: Do you like video games? <flag this.
Other user: Please don’t forget to mark a solution, and don’t post off-topic.<don’t flag this! Spam or advertisement. Example: A link to a discord server. Inappropriate. Any topic or comment that is hateful, offensive, or abusive. Example: Self harm/suicide or encouraging it. User 1: How do i add this code? User 2: Shut the F up.<flag this. All of these are examples, please do not flag. Also, don’t flag somebody if they are doing the right thing. Also, don’t forget to mark a Solution on your posts.


Great guide! I think this is pretty necessary, but to make the formatting look a bit better, put the examples on different lines.

  • You
  • could
  • use
  • this
  • so it looks better
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yeah i might have to do that on a new tutorial

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great thinking imma use that next time

Ironically, I don’t think that the gimkit team wants more forum based guides, so this guide might be flaggable.

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You could edit the current post

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Isn’t there already a guide on this? This would then be unnecessary…

Nice job! I suggest we take a pause on FA’s and PSA’s though. They’ve really been cluttering up the forum.

wdym by FA"s and PSA"s

technically, no. this wouldn’t be unnecessary since any user can actually use this,including new users

The fa tag means Forum Announcement and the psa tag means Public Service Announcement, used for important guides.

Also, let’s get back on-topic

Nothing here…


Ok thanks my bad. :+1:

fa stands for Forum Announcements, and forum-tips is, well, you should know.

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Whoops, i got confused