Climb up "_______________" (platformer)

Calling all platformer power people! (@Cellofive @ClicClac @SirWyWy)

I am making a specialized platformer game, and I would like some advice from guide and game makers.


1. Lobby? (looks, design)
2. Obstacles (challenging? easy?)
3. point system?
4. how far from the ground?


Make it so weird, like your points are measured in fish or you get points from collecting fish.

Or just, your know, a normal system


thats… a REALLY GOOD IDEA! a weird thing is exactly what fits my personality. (hint, hint)

I like ur pfp


Have a mix of both: or twist the game, the first level is very hard, but the last level is a piece of cake

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hm. oki. a mix is good, as well as a twist. :penguin:

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how would i make the lobby?

Maybe have a minigame to play while you are waiting for the host to start
And make sure the lobby has good design or the host will never start the game


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what do you mean?

If you don’t have a well designed lobby the player will infer that the game sucks bc the lobby does

ohhhhhhh, ok. thanks!


For the gameplay, I would recommend making a level, then slightly moving the things in the level around so there is more “flow” in that section. Like, you shouldn’t have to do a really high double jump for half the jumps in the level. Also, add in a few small skips! Nothing much, but just enough to make a little kid happy if they found it by accident![1]

  1. This isn’t an ad, but I think the first half of AoMS does this really well. ↩︎

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how would i go making the lobby (and adding a minigame)

Use a teleporter [1] to the area and have like a mini platformer minigame. Nothing fancy.

  1. or connect it directly to the lobby ↩︎


Try making shortcuts that can be enabled/disabled by the host

I can help with lobby design
anything specific?
note I can’t do the mini game(don’t have platformer)

A waypoint, i could help with that.

NVM i realized… I have platformer, but working on my own game.

I think she means that she doesn’t have the season ticket

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Sorry for confusion…