Clicker Game looks Ded

A Help topic, I’ve made too many, but that’s in the past, I haven’t made one in a while (especially about easy stuff or about the forums). (Don’t Fact Check).
Anyways, I suck at using props, and my clicker lobby and overall game looks ded and dry. Any ideaS?

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maybe use couches or space containers?

Seems a little to… basic. I was hoping for art or prop combination idea.

you could make a tv that is on that says something

(you can do it with barriers)

Screenshot 2024-02-24 8.03.46 AM
3D walls without props.
Also, look at the prop combo I have put there. The toys on the fireplace, the shovel hanging from the wall, and more wood for the fire place. Maybe add dirt in some of the places, or a TV using pixel art. Maybe even make the TV have a randomized pixel art design on it!


You can also use a prop with low alpha for the roof

OOh! Ok, I’ll do the 3-d layering, but the rest, I’ll hold off on as they don’t fit the theme.
How would I make a custom carpet

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You can use no-collion barriers layered to the bottom layer.
Also, is this layer, because if it isn’t, it looks better layered. (edited because I can’t post 3 times in a row)
Screenshot 2024-02-24 8.16.15 AM

speedy_kd4 made this:

Just make it


You can spread these across the map that you can click:
Screenshot 2024-02-24 8.14.31 AM
(I know you are doing cash clicker)

  • add pointless stuff like easter eggs like what i did (no wonder i’m at 96% memory)
  • (this really bugs me) adjust those camera views
  • filler space

Could someone make some pixel art of a gim that fits in the text box? I need it for designs.

Ok so what is the theme? And what exactly do you need?

Oh yeah I could try.


Maybe reverse it? And make the eyes longer?

Ok! What do you mean by reverse? Like the colors?

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Made gim blue and eyes longer. Need anything else?


bigger gim. more pixels ig.

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