Clicker game help

I plan on making a cookie clicker, as i’m good at GKC, but I want it to be orignal. I want to know what you should click. NO COOKIE OR CASH CLICKERS

Oh same I’m making a clicker game too
Maybe gimfish

How would I make a gim fish. (No using a item spawner because then it hovers, like, it goes up and down)

Maybe out of barrier art

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  1. it would use too much memory
  2. I don’t want to do all that, it would be really hard.

Props take up less memory.

But it looks worse, I want this to be my best build.

Maybe flowers then there is a prop for that

I will see if that looks good.

How about this?:
Screenshot 2024-02-18 132847
In some ways it does in others it really doesn’t.

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Screenshot 2024-02-18 1.28.24 PM
This is the flower prop. I would like it better if the flower was a top view flower.

That (no offence) doesn’t really look like a gimfish. Mostly because of the handles and the green on the buckets. (again, not your fault, the props don’t work)

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Screenshot 2024-02-18 133104
I’m strangly proud of this. I added eyes.
Edit: Just read the reply above.

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That’s the only problem

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What is barrier art?

Using barriers to make art

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Barrier art is art with barriers. I can provide examples.


Maybe use an emoji.

I found blue fish, but you can’t change colors. Plus lots of memory.

Text is not a lot of memory

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