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Can you reexplain what this is?

The channel cap is unique to each channel, so if we do different channels at the same time, we can greatly increase speed.

Oh. That’s pretty simple. I feel like that would increase lag though.

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It’s a trade off, obviously.

Couple notes.
One, 300 computations per second isn’t our limit. That’s the local channel cap, not the global one, we can run at least 700 or so signals per second using different channels. It’d need some experimentation, but it’s faster than 300 definitely.
Two, training it inside of the game would need a LONG runtime, which would suck if the server shut down. There’s no way to exchange information between sessions, and retraining it every single time would be awful. How do you plan on getting around that?
Also, character unpacking also requires a lot of blocks on a scale that I don’t think Gimkit can handle in any reasonable amount of time.



this is possible

just requires lots of time

I can do it gimme a wekk

How do you do that, I never figured it out.

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Basically split the task up like supercomputers do. Dedicate one channel for each computation.

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Let’s just use the example of adding one to a property. What you’re saying is, have 5 triggers with some +1 code that each receive on a channel, then have one recurse on that channel? If you did this, would you end up with 1500 at the end?

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Yeah. You start them all with a wire and they all recurse on different channels, so the channel cap is reached 5 times.

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3D rendering isn’t completely complete, Blackhole did a proof of concept with wireframes, but it is missing many things such as rotation, z-clipping, rasterization, collisions, a tri filling algorithm and creating more complex polygons. You also need a z-ordering algorithm if you plan on making multiple objects, object culling is needed if you want to optimize 3d rendering so it isn’t sluggish when rendering in real time.

Just added that to the wiki. I might try and get rotation working sometime soon for my wireframe renderer, along with maybe some speed optimizations.

Nooooot necessarily.
There is a global channel cap, I’m just not sure what it is. I have been able to get completely disconnected systems to stop by running parallel ones, though, so there is a computation limit.

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