Clay-Institute-Level Question Brainstorming & Discussion

Sorry, this might have already been brought up: is there a way to make tag zones do damage/track tags?

Track tags?

Is there a when player tagged option when you try to wire a tag zone to something else?

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there is when player gets tagged. Also is a tag an auto kill?

Try wiring the tag zone to a counter. When player tagged → increment counter

Yes, tag is an auto-kill.

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well i guess thats how to make a kill streak bonus, but until we can get player location based item spawning that wont fix hit tracking

Like these?

Or do you want it to be done with a tag zone?

no no i was saying that solves a question i had (on kill, add counter, damage bonus et cetera) but not what i was trying to solve, which would be hit tracking based on tags (so a melee system thats not one-shot

You could make a tag system with no auto ko, but it would mean you couldn’t use gadgets or lasers unless they are auto ko.

Here's how

Basically, you just need to turn off automatic respawn on the tag device. Then just connect it to a counter, with player scope, to increment when you are tagged. Say that it does one-fifth damage. Then just have your target be 5 on the counter. Then connect it to an auto respawn so that when it reaches whatever target the counter is, it respawns you. Also, make sure to have the counter reset when it reaches its target goal.

Getting boxed 200 pumped in gimnite battle royale


I’m a ai expert. (only with text generation)

gimme a few days to let me cook

or maybe not Im too lazy :skull:

dragon wat ru cooking up???

2 things.

3d rendering technically has been solved by multiple people. BH actually made like a good version of it.

Also infinite loops having not been solved? What are you talking about? Wire a lifecycle to a trigger. Then that trigger to another trigger. Then the second trigger to the first. That theoretically goes on forever. But the server for the game using this will shut down after a while since it was on for a while but still possible and a thing already. I used it for my map.


i had an original version of this like way before i posted it (before clay institute tag too) and i just kept everything on there for a while then posted it here

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No, it won’t go forever. That’s cause of recursion.

it’ll stop at 300 loops

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I’m still surprised the only thing we’ve solved as a community is AUO.

Well, technically, 3D rendering’s completed (sorta).

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Still. There’s so much on the list :eyes:.

well, they’re in clay-institute for a reason.

hey custom keybindings isn’t on here, maybe ill do it later


Give me about a month. There are a few questions about this one though, like the number of previous moves shown, or how the player could interact with said moves. This kind of sounds like an advanced use of save states, which is good, I need to learn how to use them.

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sorry smol brain moment rn I just woke up like an hour ago and my minds still foggy can you simplify what ur suggesting? cuz its feeling like a randomizer connected to a endless tree of randomizers to me