Class Wars Idea + Theory on solving overhealing from regeneration with pseudo health V1.5

If you are gonna add info and more ideas, make sure to change the name version, example v1.0 to v2.0

There is one other guide on this, but it was created in June. Now with so many more features, I think we could make a new guide together as a community.

A good example of a class Wars game is TF2, so we could maybe use buttons to choose it in the beginning, and name them, use properties, speed modifiers, and damage boosters with the help of gadgets to do this. My only thing is, regeneration.

On the topic of regeneration now, we could make it starting hp is like 1000, and take away when class chosen. We can add regeneration to certain people, and we can make it, when you pick up something, using triggers and repeaters, we can make it regenerate hp like that?

So that could somehow somewhat remove the problem of over healing i’ve seen. We can use pseudo health to stop the problem of overhealing completely. When it reaches a certain amount, it can STOP the healing, and if you pick up an item again, it just wont heal you. So maybe that’s how we can regenerate?

But I’m not very sure, cause for all I know, I might have wasted time typing, but I think this could give very good ideas on other games in the future.
But that’s just a theory, A GIMKIT CREATIVE Theory! Thanks for reading!

Editing again, now I’m pretty sure it should work as I was thinking about it in my head, but now, we need to find what can provoke it. I mean, using buttons to attack is one thing, but it shouldn’t be impossible to locate health. If we keep looking or thinking, we could find it.

Now thinking again, we could do this not in pvp maps, but with lasers. if we know they are about to be damaged or like something comes up, like laser, use zones then transmit all the channels, to remove items as pseudo health as the same damage the lasers do, example lasers do 15 damage remove 15 of your item for pseudo, or property. then we can wire that to regeneration and stop overhealing


Wait is this a guide or question?

It’s kind of like both, like the community could all collectively work on a guide, and it was just something on my mind.

Then I will change it to a guide. Also were you thinking of a wiki?

Alright, I do think pseudo health can be used with regeneration. example, max HP for your class is 100, but in the game, it can go up to 1000. Answer is simple, if your pseudo health item is equal to 100, it will not heal you and will not go through with the request.

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Maybe, but I’m not very sure.

Well you can’t create wikis. You need TL3. But one of us regulars can make one for you.

If you want to, sure. But I just wanted to get my idea out, I thought it might be pretty good. Anyways I’m gonna get off, I will respond back in the morning or afternoon. Most likely both.

Ok bye.

Just a word of note, some people think that regulars can make other people’s posts wikis but we can’t.


For the record, there is even a game on discovery that is inspired by TF2, TFG!

[it’s a great game!]


I saw, its pretty cool!

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this possibly could be clay institute, but I doubt, but it may take a long time to find solution, but maybe if we put together enough devices we can do it. Might take a crazy amount of memory though.

solve what problem? Overhealing?

If the question is this, pseudo health CAN track laser damage. The only thing it can’t is Weapons. There is a guide about an alternative battle system, with some work, you can make this player v player, not just PVE

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yeah, but I feel like that if we use enough zones, maybe a flag, but I don’t think so, and other things could MAYBE track it, but I’m not sure.

yeah, but I feel like that if we use enough zones, maybe a flag, but I don’t think so, and other things could MAYBE track it in game, but its suppose to be a theory, so.

I did say that in the paragraphs, that we could use pop ups to fight or buttons, but until gimkit creative adds hit trackers, we can solve overhealing, or until they make the device itself.

This is not even close to being clay-institute. These are just ideas. Here is an example of a clay-institute post:

Also nice guide!