Choose which one I should create:

Which would you rather me make?
First, is a survival game where you would survive against enemies, Collect materials, build a house, and basically try to survive.
Next is a heist type game where you go on missions to gain money and fame.
Next is a labyrinth game with a maze that literally moves. Find you way to the exit and win the game!
Lastly, there is a death run where you would navigate through obstacles and reach the end to win.
Please vote for the one you would want me to make.

  • A heist game
  • A survival game
  • A death run
  • A labyrinth game
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This is pretty cool! Personally I want the survival game, because I’m making something similar to it too, but good luck which one your making! Also when I’m writing this heist game is beating survival by 1%.

Cool, but I think that’s off topic.


Alright, but could I give you an idea? Maybe make it so you can’t just get better weapons super quickly, which just cash, and maybe have to craft it to get it.

I was already thinking of doing that.

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I have been creating games for a couple of years now, I just got on the forum last year.


Now let’s get back on topic

Because it’s against the rules to go off-topic. If you do, you could get flagged. You must be new

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Here’s a guide to the forum @Hdhdns

Welcome to the forum @Hdhdns! I think… Do you welcome somebody if they only have 10 min reading time?

I think this is the best rule of thumb. At least 30 mins of reading time, and joined at least 1-2 weeks ago.

Ok then I was right. Thanks, now let’s get back on topic.

You welcome people when you see it’s their first post.

It was probably his first post. When I first checked, it was 9 minutes for his first post.

Perfecto Options! Yeah I would go with Heist, Death run or Labyrinth So yeah.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

I’m sorry for posting this really late, but this is to say that I’m postponing making the winning choice due to certain things that spontaneously happened overnight. I’m sorry.