Checking if your a host

Is it possible to check who is a host?

No, not really.

Oh ok. Not even through blocks?

Lifecycles run tasks solely for the host unless using relays. You can use that to update a property or give them an item for psuedo teaming.


Or, you can have a host spawn at an area, and place a zone there. Make it so that it sets a property called “Host” to the triggering player’s name when a player enters the zone, and deactivates it. Then teleport the host to the casual spawn area.

Mark a solution if this works.

You could also set a property called “IsHost” to true, to run actions depending on if the player is a host or not. Pseudo-teaming is a great thing.


Psuedo teaming just got HUGELY buffed now that the checkers are complete and can check properties.


Yep, and triggers got a small nerf (not as useful for checking properties), but nothing too bad.

Triggers got a nerf? Explain…

Not as useful for checking properties, because it takes up memory to use blocks. It’s not a huge nerf, as they are still super useful, but…

It ALWAYS took up one sentry of memory to use blocks.

Yep, and sometimes you would only place down like 2 blocks to check for a property. Very annoying.

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Wait, isn’t there a block that says, ‘is host?’?

nope :l

Huh, I don’t know why I thought that.

It worked! Thanks!

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