Checker not working

This already happened to 2 of my maps. I’m checking for property amount to be zero and the property’s starting is zero. I do the check, it passes. I press a button the increase the property and check again. it still passes.

1: Does the checker check again when you press the button?

2: Is your property incremented using the button wired to a counter-linked property or blocks?

??? What does that mean? there are 2 button. one to check, one the increase the porperty. I check at the start of the game, it passes. I increase the property and check again, it still passes. :frowning:

How does the second one increment the property?

Is the property a number type?


the button transmit on a chanel, then a trigger receives it and this is the block code:
Set property “ThePropertyIAmUsingThisIsNotTheRealName”
value 1


Is the trigger’s channel in the right slot?


You might just want to use button → counter - property if you can’t get block code to work.


i’ll try thanks

shouldnt this be in bugs channel?

Haiasi, you have the trigger trigger when receiving on a channel.

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It might not be a bug so it’s still in Help.

i made the trigger to trigger on the chanel

Oh okay, I get it now.
From the device setting channels.

I thought clef meant he created a block “When Receiving On Channel”

It might not be a bug.

ah true. but well, it kinda sounds like a bug

Do you know what I mean when I say “counter - property”?

i did it it didn’t work but ill debug the chanels
(something i hate about chanels)