Checker not working with item granter and trigger

I have a checker that checks if you have above 949 cash and if you do subtracts 950 cash and runs a trigger that gives you a random weapon and rarity. The checker does not work, I have enough cash and I know it’s not the block code because the item granter doesn’t take the cash away. I have reloaded and this bug persists. Can anyone help?

First of all, make sure the checker is GREATER THAN 949?

Is is wired to a item granter with a value of -450?

what about the channels on the item granter and checker?

Is there a randomizer that is connected to multiple item granter, and connected to the checker???

Not to be off-topic but congrats on regular @Crimson_Knight!

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Yes, this code

Yeah, a randomizer is made from code, but make it so that when it get a random integer of for example 1 it transmits on a channel of give rare weapon

I have a ton of channels that connect to item granters, but this method worked before. It started lagging out today.

you try refreshing?
also did you add anything today?

Maybe lessen the amount of item granters, channels, and random integers on the randomizer.

I refreshed, and I did add things today, but none of the things I added connect to this system

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Is your memory almost full


And you said that it was working before???
DIdi you add anything??

Hmm, probably just a bug, maybe message the mods

make the checker CONSTANTLY CHECKS the players inventory for the money, not just once on game start

I have it connected to a button (I’m trying to make Call of Duty and this is the box).