Changing properties from true to false

How do i make a property go from false to true

wdym by true and false

changing the property from true to false

yes but what do you mean by true and false

the property type of true/false

How/why would it change?

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you can change it via block code in triggers popups etc.

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thank you so much :---------------------)

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I recommend that you don’t use true false properties because they need blocks to set them. You can save a lot of memory by using numbers and using counters to set them.

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Screenshot 2024-04-13 9.53.53 AM
Here: ^^^

Yeah use like the button you use that will change the property and Button pressed —> Trigger the trigger which has the block code listed by @gimmaster12345 in the pic and you can change the true to false or keep it like that but has to be the opposite of the default value (if true then do false and vise versa)

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