Changing names and gadgets

so if i am in a game with a guy named bob24 and when the match starts he has a different name like steve, how do i do that? and also, is there something in the game like a gadget that can eliminate people up close?

also if i wanted to make someone turn into a animal while using the gadget and hide their name that would be helpfull too

You can’t there might be updates in the future though

You can’t do those either unless there is a update in the future.
@CringeKarlScott mb sry

hiding names is not possible
you cannot change names
there are no melee weapons (although the pickaxe is one and is coming soon), though the zapper has the shortest/closest range of any gadget.
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you can update a property to make it like his name kinda. wouldn’t really do anything though


oh wow
thanks for actually obliging lol