Changing chat popup

In my game, I have an NPC character who gives the quest to find him a vegetable from the farm (corn). Is there a way that after the player has completed the quest, his chat popup will change so that he does not continue to ask the player to give him the vegetable? I want to make it say something else.


Yes. After the player completes it, you disable the button that opens that popup. At the same time, you enable another button underneath that is for a different popup.
Wait a second for explanation
And also there’s a way to do it with blocks, that may be hard for you though.
Also mark a solution.


add two triggers, and put them between the merchant and the popups.
wire the button you use to chat with the NPC to the two triggers:
button pressed β€”> trigger do this to each of the triggers

now after the player completes his task, there must be something to mark for it right?
make a system that checks if he has completed his quest and wire that to the trigger that is connected to the first popup.
task completed β€”> deactivate trigger
and then wire it to the second trigger
task completed β€”> activate trigger
note that the second trigger is not active on game start and only activated when the player completes the task


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