Capture the Flag Trouble

if im making a capture the flag is it possible to make the arrow thing that is in the official capture the flag so i can see where the flag is?

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@LlamaLady22 Yes, it is! You can use waypoints. I’ll try to find a tutorial for it. :smiley:

@LlamaLady22 I couldn’t find a tutorial, so here’s mine.

You’ll need to create a flag, and set the channel for when the flag is captured to “flag captured.”
Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.43.14 PM

Then, Create a waypoint (+ > Devices > Waypoint) and make the target “Flag.” It’s important that the color settings for the waypoint match the flag you want it to track.
Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.44.45 PM

Then, in the channels section of editing the waypoint, make the channel for when it’s activated “flag captured”-the same one we used earlier for the flag.
Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.45.22 PM

This should work! I hope it helps you–and don’t hesitate to message me again if you need more help on this!

Also don’t forget to add a solution! :slight_smile:

ok! thank you so much!!!

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Of course! I hope it works for you!!

it did!

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