Capture The Flag Issue

I’ve been attempting at making a Capture The Flag map. I’ve got all the terrain and all the other devices work, however; if the player doesn’t have the flag in their active item slot, a huge issue when the players are supposed to be using ranged weapons, and the player picks up the flag, then dies with it, they’re respawned at their spawnpoint with the flag still attached to their body, no flag item in their hotbar, and no ability to capture the flag. The flag also never respawns.
If the player does have the flag in their active slot, the flag drops as normal and all triggers are set off.
I’ve got the flag’s return to base settings like this:
If there’s any way you can have it so the flag drops or even resets to base when the player dies and doesn’t have it in their current slot, please help!
Thank you all,

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Also, the in-game settings like this:

Welcome @mrgun !! That seems like a glitch.

The flag might be a consumable item. Idk tho

That’s weird. That doesn’t happen to me.

Shouldn’t this be a bug post?

Yes it should be, unless the owner did something in their settings which changed it.

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Is it not listed as one? For me it says it’s underneath “bugs”.

I tested with all three settings on. In all scenarios, the flag never drops if it’s not in your active item slot.

I moved it to bugs a while ago.

Oh, sorry, I thought I had put it under bugs. It was originally other something else. Whoops.

Your ok

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Update to this:
I did some more testing and found out that the flag being stuck to the player entirely breaks the game. Players cannot pick up the flag, nor can they drop it. The flag is removed from the inventory, but still appears on the player. They can die multiple times and will not have the model removed.
One culprit: whenever I tried to manually drop the flag via the “Drop Flag” button, it would constantly say, “Cannot drop flag in this area!” I’m not sure if the dropping flag area would be a zone or a property. If anybody can help with these, please do. The manually dropping flag feature isn’t needed but could help in terms of the original bug.

Maybe turn on gadget drop in that area.

How do you turn on gadget drop for select areas? I already have the option for gadget drop ticked on.

Also, here’s a screenshot of how it looks when I die without the flag being in my active item slot.

Another update:
I tested the problem on another map. Problem doesn’t happen.
Image for reference:

Fixed the issue. The flag is listed underneath resources (even though it takes up a gadget slot) and I had it ticked to not be able to drop it and delete it.

Use a zone. Go into the settings and you’ll find a gadget drop setting. Make it override any other settings.