Capture the flag... help needed

So im having a lot of difficulty making my custom capture the flag mapI cant make it so people can make barriers(cant do block code) I cant make it so that the speed upgrades stack so that instead of just giving you a 2x boost and not doing anything about an extra 1.5 I want it to give u 3.5 In TOTAL and i also cannot add certain vending machine items I also cannot add anyone who can help me with my map because for some reason im going to get flagged I really really need help


To make a buyable vending machine just place a barrier(device), vending maching(settings need to require item but not grant item and number of allowed purchases is 1) and wire the vending machine to the barrier(wire setting"when purchased-deactivate barrier). Make sure the vending maching is invisable dure the game and is placed above the barrier.

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