Capture the Flag bug

Im touching my enemy and when i touch them it doesn’t tag them also my friend says on his screen im not touching him at all and on my screen i am

It has happpend long before the update happend, me and @RickStachely used to have this same issue, it is just when to much is going on at one time that the game can not comprehend what is happening so it lags. Just try to rehost and if that does not work, I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do.

There’s been a lot of bugs due to the new season update. Please be patient for them to be fixed!

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This is an old bug, and is the main reason the tag distance on the tag zone exists. I believe it occurs due to client and server side misalignment.

Like other people said it is just lag i happens all the time. there is no good way for you yourself to fix that.