Can't think of a title but need help

Is there a way to check that in a certain place that all of the sentries are knocked out so that something can happen?
Here’s what I mean:
You have two sentries. In order to fight the boss, you need to first kill BOTH of the sentries. Any ideas on how to do that?

you could make the sentries drop a specific item, and with a inventory item manager manage if there are two of that specific item, spawning the boss

I actually never thought of that wow thanks, but is there a way to make it so that only the player can see it?

the player see the boss? or the player can get the item?

The player can get the item

@BreathTaking, instead of dropping it grant it into the inventory

There is a setting the KO Manager that allows you to grant INTO inventory.

oh I think that you can just make the item granter be selected to whoever gets the item to the person instead of global, yeah and grant to inventory and not dropping

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OHHH ok thank you!

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