Can't move to the left on Dig It Up!

So, while I was mining, I wanted to move to the left. It didn’t let me! SO, I jumped to the left… and when I landed, I automatically ran to the right again! It stopped after a while, but this happened more than once.

When this happens just spam the moving buttons.

Since the Dig It Up game mode was recently released it will have some bugs. I recommend sending an email to

Move to the right manualy.

I did! It did NOT work

I also spammed the move buttons, and that didn’t work, either.

platforming is so buggy right now


Try reloading…or digging.

I know! It’s a new game tho, so yeah

try spamming left right left right up down up down dig dig

maybe that will do something? Just guessing…

I did dig further down, and the glitch kept happening. Reloading ends the game, so…

I just waited it out :sweat_smile:

I don’t know… Maybe message Gimkit?

it’s a common fix for glitches for now just email them


yeah, I guess i’ll email gimkit

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