Can zones be activated in the pre-game stage?

Can zones be activated in the pre-game stage? I know that triggers can’t.

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I don’t think so, but if you need to playtest just start the game with the zones on

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I don’t think any devices can activate in pre-game stages.


No devices or items can be messed with or given before the game starts.

As far as I know, every device is loaded in, but you don’t have access to the hud (no pressing buttons), and wires and channels don’t load either. You can step on triggers, but it won’t do anything.

Teleporters can <ggggggggggg(>


Teleporters can interact with themselves, but I don’t think anything else can.

I’m pretty sure they can teleport you. Don’t know though.

No, teleporters work. It’s just that if it isn’t a teleporter, and you can’t step on it, it won’t do anything.


Teleporters do work pre-game

Triggers can alter the game feed pre game as well…

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