Can you zoom out?

I am making a map where you control AIs to fight other AIs. In the gameplay, you need to be able to see a lot of the map. Is there a way to zoom out and see more when playing?

I… don’t think so :frowning:

It’s not possible to zoom out while playing. You can zoom in using camera views, though.

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Thank you very much.

No you can’t you can use the camera device to zoom in but not out. If you are editing a map you can zoom out in the editing options menu.

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i would think to add a dev kinda mode to it but idk

There is no zooming out while in gameplay


the best “zooming” I’ve seen is when you have a tool and you put your mouse to the edge of the screen but other than that I don’t think we got anything. sorry I can’t get anything more

ive seen secret code in other video games that give you kinda god like power there used for testing and bug fixes they give speed and camera functions too

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