Can you use invisibits from CTF in your game?

What the topic says and I need it for my game plz help meeeeeee.

That currently doesn’t;t exist but there may be a way to do it but I don’t think its possible

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No not yet, there might be updates in the future though

But I think there is a website that you could request it though

the problem is invisbits are just an item invisibility comes from a developer device it has been requested before and it’s probably not happening for a while

No. The device might not be added for a while. Invisabits is just an item. The device that actually turns you invisible is something else. It might not be added for a while because it is misleading.


Guys do any of you have the website and that you can request to the mods to bring that in the game but how is it misleading??? Oh yeah and mark a solution cause we cant help you though?

Who should I give the solution to?

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Anyone. It doesn’t matter.

I gave the solution to Mythemi because

Name of wheels i mean wheel of names

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Yay I got 6 solutions but what about the website thing

Actually, @Hi_its_me, Invisibits are an inventory item, and are worthless. They’re just not added to prevent confusion. :smile_cat:

The invisibility effect is caused by a device caused by the Appearance Modifier. :rofl:


Wait that a thing how do you use it plz tell me (wondering who hosted the topic to ask)

Someone should totally suggest invisabits in creative.

Give me the Nolt and I will.

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They are not new. IDK why you said that.

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That device isn’t in GKC yet, @Mythemi. Sorry to disappoint. :rofl:

Wait what do you mean by website @Mythemi hello?