Can you update a map but not post the update until you want to

I need help knowing this

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Yes, there is a button in the publish menu after you publish that says: “Publish Changes (Free)” Good luck on your game, I hope the forum is a useful tool!

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I think Cgames meant he wanted a certain update date, and he wanted to post certain updates on that date without publishing the stuff he’s working on currently.

yes,but make sure to post every once and awhile, people won’t want to play if you have not made new stuff to the game

Not necessarily, after completing a map, it can be good to move on to different projects instead of just keeping with continuous development of something you’ve already made. This keeps you from stagnating and getting burnout from repetition induced boredom. This is actually quite a major cause of burnout. Also, if you’ve made a good game, it doesn’t necessarily need constant updates to maintain interest. Although, at least an occasional change or addition is nice.

we need more clarity on what you want.

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Can you wait to put out an update for your games instead of it updating right away after you put it in game

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MichaelIbob is right that what I asking

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Btw My game is gonna be called new greenville and Cgames is the name of the team that we are and call ourselves

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