Can you toggle PvP for everyone during the game?

so I know there’s a setting in map options that allows you to toggle PvP in the game.
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however, as we all know, you can’t alter the map options during the game.

i’m making a free-for-all battle royale game, but i want there to be a grace period at the start. my first thought was to simply have a zone covering the entire map, and turn off gadget fire. however, there are npcs that the players can fight, and i’d like them to be fightable even during grace period.

so, yeah. is there any other way of doing this? i’d really appreciate it.


I Think You Can’t Bro, Maybe Though

man if you don’t have any kind of solution don’t reply

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I’m Just Saying You Probably Can’t

i know that
also whyyyyy do you capitalize every single word when you write
it’s improper grammar and it looks really weird

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Not Trying To Be Rude But… please don’t say that…

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okay sorry

It’s Ok But Let Me Try If You Can Toggle PVP For Everyone… I mean… uhhhh… yea what I said but lowercase

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alright i cant find a way, i think i’ll just have a zone with gadget fire off, and have all the sentries be deactivated at first, so you don’t need weapons until grace period ends, when you can use them and the sentries are activated

hold on

made this post so it wouldnt be closed by the 3 hour limit
im pretty sure this is possible

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do the following instructions in the exact order they are read. This is due to AUO

During the grace period, use a relay that relays to all players and wires to a team switcher
“relay trigger” → “switch player to configured team”
set the configured team to “Team 1”

Now to change it back to FFA
Create a small room
Add a zone that disabled gadget fire
Adjust the zone to fit over the room
Add a teleporter

Assume that when the game starts, something sends on the channel “gamestart”

For the teleporter, set “Visible In-Game” to “No”
Set “Teleport Player here when recieving on channel…” to “gamestart”

Create a property called “teamnumber”

Add a counter
set the “scope” to “global”
Make it update the property “teamnumber”

Add a sentry
Give it the highest level of difficulty, reload, and accuracy (and whatever other stuff is out there)
Give it a legendary evil eye
Place it in the room

Get a knockout manager
Dont change any settings
Wire it to the counter
“Target knocked out” → “Increment Counter”

Get a trigger
Set “Trigger on Player Collision” to "No
Set “Visible In-Game” to "No
Set the scope to “Player”
Wire knockout manager to the trigger
“Target knocked out” → “Trigger”

Make a block code for the trigger
Block code:
|Broadcast on Channel|: |Create text with|: |Get Property|: |“teamnumber”|
| |: | |: |“team”|

Place 60 Team Switchers
For each one, set “Switch Strategy” to “Specific”
Set “Team” to a number from 1-60, with the first team switcher controlling team 1, the second one controlling team 2, and so on until the final team switcher controls team 60.
For each team switcher, set “Switch Player to Team when recieving on…” to “#team
Don’t literally type in “#team”, replace the hashtag symbol with the Team number it corresponds to.

The end.

The goal is to place each person on a seperate team, to make it “PvP damage” after the grace period.
The sentry is there to “assign” a different team to each player by killing them one by one.
Since the knockout manager tracks when you get knocked out, they increment the counter when u get killed by the sentry, which “pre-sets” a new team number for the next person who dies, since the counter scope is global.
The trigger and team switchers do the real work: they put you on the team you are assigned to.

Also, note that each team switcher is only 7 memory, so the totaly memory usage here is about
20 (relay) + 7 (team switcher) + 200 (zone) + 50 (teleporter) + 10 (property) + 25 (counter) + 500(sentry) + 10 (knockout manager) + 40 (trigger) + 500 (Trigger Block Code) + 7 (team switcher) x 60
Or, in other words:
20 + 7 + 200 + 50 + 10 + 25 + 500 + 10 + 40 + 500 + 420 = 1782 memory out of 100,000 total memory which is about 1.7% total memory
(the memory used to make the room is not included)
Thanks for reading

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bro its already solved
i literally have a 120 memory solution already

thanks, but maybe read the topic before giving your own solution, especially when it’s solved

why go through the effort of making a solution that long and complex when there already is one


snowball launcher and blaster are better

the marked solution avoids the problem completely and instead creates a separate outcome

plus evil eye has enough dmg to both one shot and reload efficiently

players start with 250 hp in this so are you sure about that

and it may sort of create a seperate outcome but at least it doesn’t take up 1.7% of my 89% of memory already used


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