Can you make players drop items when they die?

Wondering if you can make players drop items when the die.


Yes, you can.
How to make people lose items when they die (Difficulty 1/10 or :blue_square: )

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Grab an knockout manager and set it to listen to player for knockouts. Here are the other settings(Some of them are optional, like what resource is dropped.):

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Not like that. For example, if I had got a snowball launcher and then died. I would drop the snowball launcher. (and any other item or weapon I had.)

Essentially how to make a player drop their inventory when they die?

Go into settings:

Click map options

Go to all options

Scroll down until you see this:

But then it just deletes it. I want them to drop it so the other players can collect it.

i suppose…you could try to make it so they drop it right before they die…but that’s pretty hard to my knowledge…

I’ve been trying to do the same thing with one specific item and I can’t figure it out

Oh…I remember someone was trying to make it so only one item was dropped, i think…

I think that was me, and the only solution was team-switching

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