Can you make a snowball deal less damage?

Okay so my question is twofold:

  1. Is there a set number of damage done by snowballs or does it depend on the launcher. From what I’ve seen, it’s 24 damage per snowball but idk if that’s different based on weapon rarity, etc.

2.Can you change the number of damage done by a snowball to 1? I want my Frostbite game to be where when you get hit, you take 1 damage but you get 1 added to your frostbite, aka poison. I’m figuring out the poison part separately, here I just wanted to ask about the snowballs themselves.


No, unfortunately. You can suggest this on Please mark this as a solution to avoid clutter. Although josh did make a poll, and damage modifier was the highest vote. This could come in the future.


Okay thanks but what do you mean by a poll? poll for what?

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The poll was for what a new device would be


You can find it here if you still want to try voting.


Accually yes you can, it depends on the rarity, if you want to get down to the stats of each blaster they are;

Common: Ammo-12 Damage-28
Uncommon: Ammo-14 Damage-30
Rare: Ammo-16 Damage-32
Epic: Ammo-18 Damage-34
Legenday: Ammo-20 Damage-36
So yeah you can upgrade the blasters but not manually, and also dont mark a solution if you are told to mark one, wait and see if a better one comes.


what wolf technology said is correct but 1 damage won’t work

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ok thank you. And there’s no way to make it 1 damage?

I don’t think there is a way to make it do one damage and you can’t check if someone has been hit by a projectile or decrease someone’s health manually so yeah there is no way. The closest you can get to a low health is just using different rarity snowball launchers such as a common one being the weakest. Hope this helped :saluting_face:

-Paddingtion Bear

That answers all my questions but it’s not the answer I wanted to hear. So ima keep waiting.

Well, you could use pseudo-health (I think?). It would be very difficult to implant, though.

no u cannot, as you can not track hits.

Increase the health instead so you can take more hits, not much you can do.

Or maybe you can regenerate some health every minute or so.

No there is no way as of now.

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