Can you make a sentry stronger? [no more replies, please.]

change the gadget in the first dropdown. evil eye or quantum portal strong

Maybe try to give it more heath as @CassiusDoomlorde and you can also try to hook it up with a damage boost

Also maybe try not to yell? ty :grinning:

Remember to mark a solution so this conversation doesn’t go on forever.
to do so, go to any ost and next to it will be a check box meaning solution, click it and it’s over.

can you make one bigger (just wondering)

click on the sentry and then click resize

Quantum portal has power, but low speed. If you want to know more, read this:

no .

yes, click on the sentry and go to change size on the bottom left. oops, my bad, it changes range.

but you can go to the bottom left and change its range

Wait never mind it only changes the range


How dd you reply with only 3 characters?

put filler in these but no non letters or spaces: <>

Doesn’t this promote spam though?

Not if you don’t mention it.


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bruh, you LITERALLY just did what he’s politely asking you not to do.

Uh oh, I sense the power of off-topic.

Maybe? Not quite sure?

Not if used cautiously, and if you make sure that your post is on topic, but short.

Edit: Sorry, just saw the whole title.

You can make a sentry stronger by going to the difficulty tab when you click the sentry, and then change the setting in that tab. Make sure that you mark a solution if that works.

i now want to know bigger >:(

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