Can you make a sentry stronger? [no more replies, please.]

how do you make a sentry

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click on sentry, go to tab health
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Go to the difficulty tab.

You can also adjust it’s accuracy and speed.

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In the difficulty tab.

If we get zones back, we could use damage mod.

make it STRONGER!!!

Go to the tab marked “Difficulty” then give it extra strength. You can also change their weapon to make their attack stronger.

change the gadget in the first dropdown. evil eye or quantum portal strong

Maybe try to give it more heath as @CassiusDoomlorde and you can also try to hook it up with a damage boost

Also maybe try not to yell? ty :grinning:

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can you make one bigger (just wondering)

click on the sentry and then click resize

Quantum portal has power, but low speed. If you want to know more, read this:

no .

yes, click on the sentry and go to change size on the bottom left. oops, my bad, it changes range.

but you can go to the bottom left and change its range

Wait never mind it only changes the range


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