Can you make a sentry move?

make a sentry move for fortnite

No. You can’t. Josh bugged making them teleport with teleporters.

On the bright side, you can make another sentry that’s invisible, and move for the sentry.

If your trying to do moving npcs, no idea how. Ask someone else.

If your trying to make those npcs that like just stand there, yeah. That’s easy to do. There’s many guides.

If your trying to do the npcs that follow you around and help you, I don’t know how. There are many more other people experienced wayyyy more than me. So ask them.

They might not be online, but there’s always tomorrow. (Hopefully… :fearful:)

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You could use animation.

Oh yeah… true. For animation. But for the sentry itself, it will take a lot of your limit.

You can’t. You used to be able to (bbsi), but they removed it becuase it was a bug. You can have sentries appear to move, but it’s not quite the same. If you want to make a battle royale, I suggest just making players fight each other. Check out the battle-royale tag for more info. Also, you can’t use copyrighted names for your maps (like fortnite), so make sure to name it like gim-nite or something.


Can you name your project Fortnite_2.0

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In the end it’s up to the Gimkit team to decide. If you want to ask, email them at

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