Can You make A player be invisable?

I need it For My powers game

Sorry this is something that has been wanted for along time but there is no device, item, or any other way to make a player invisible except for a spectator.


You can use barriers to cover up your gim, but otherwise no.

[it’s a dev device, the player appearance modifier, which is unobtainable]


Wait how you know that?

Blackhole said that once.

[that’s because he made a hack to place it
which has since been patched]


Sadly, the Invisabits item in Capture the Flag is currently an admin item, though it may be added in the near future.

Not until they add inviabits sorry

i hope that will be the next thing in a later update

not yet, I really hope invisabits will be added some day, so they could add a better ‘spy’ class to tfg


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