Can you make a moving sentry

please say that you can

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No, not yet
Animation is the closet thing

sadly nope.

Welcome to the community though!

The closest we’ve come to making sentries move was with zones, but that got removed.

You can activate and deactivate sentries in order so it looks like it’s moving, but the sentries don’t share health.

Forgot to mention, but sentries interact with teleporters in platformer mode!

No, they didn’t add them yet. Just as Lazy Dragon said, you have to use animation. BTW Welcome to the forums @IDKmobrodude2000! Don’t forget to mark a solution to close the topic! (Just click the checkmark next to a post)

remember to always search before making help topics!

give the sentry low health (one shot), sentry knocked out —> increment counter, counter target reached, (deactivate all sentries) this is a basic form of pseudo-health (the only kind I understand)