Can you make a countdown in text?

I am working on the Snowy Survival + One Way Out again, and I need to put a player-scoped countdown in a text device next to the farm. Is there a way to do that? I am very comfortable with blocks, please don’t refrain from using those.

Alright. Place down a repeater and a counter.

Event Happens (whatever device) → Start Repeater (every 1 seconds)

Repeater triggers task → Decrement Counter (player-scoped, affects property called “Time”)

Repeater triggers task → Run Wire Pulse block (For text, make sure this wire is placed after the decrementing of the counter)

Blocks for text:

On wire pulse…

Set text (create text with) [Time Left: ] [get property Time] [ seconds].

You can also use wire repeaters and different texts that show and hide themselves with wires.

that sounds diffucult and not player scoped. no offense.

You could make it player scoped if you want to.

This is kind of random, but do you call your map Snow Way Out?


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