Can you help me get all the notes from gimkit

(post deleted by author)

Don’t think that’s allowed. Posting codes here. You can do that on some other Gimkit Fan site, like the Fandom.


please delet that immedatly or edit it out you can be banned for that

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Welcome back hunter! And yeah codes art allowed.

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Welcome back, @MuffinHunter0823! What do u need, @Lostsea3?

I mean I don’t normally play one way out looking for notes i just randomly find them and read them


This is a reference to the Gimkit Discord mod Eesoog. I don’t believe it has any connection with the lore, other than that it is suspected that the muffins for the PML are made with this recipe.


need to help this person with the lore


What do u need in the lore, @Lostsea3?

I’m going to be really busy this week w/ setting up the GimUN, but I’ll try to help if I see this and have time.

woah your online jk already knew that j0in !!

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well i don’t need lore its @Jordon.meiser who does

That’s cool. I never thought Gimkit would incorporate fans into their games.

It’s about helping the community I know @WolfTechnology is in it though.


They have added three references to people. All of them have done a lot for the gimkit community, and so the devs decided to add in a reference just for fun :slight_smile:



Who is TGG? And I knew of math thrive in blast ball, but it’s cool to know that they have done it for a long time because one way out is almost a year old now.

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TGG and Eesoog are gimkit discord mods.