Can you guys make stationary escape pods in space or something

then i could put it in space then show it destroyed on the planet

Are you asking for design help to make escape pods, or device help to have the players move down to earth when they crash?

design help to make escape pods destroyed an normal

Sorry, I can’t help you with that, design isn’t my forte. Maybe ask @NavyCatZ, @Lolo, or @WolfTechnology?

ok if they get on i will

My best guess would be to take the destroyed escape pod design, and try to fix it up and make it look new.

ok thanks also how do you make a fire?? and how do yhou do a screen shot?

Fire? @Chumbucket If you want fire, just copy the :fire: emoji and put it into a text box, and enlarge it

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Like this:
Step 1: Copy Fire Emoji
Emojis: 🐢 Animals & Nature This cite works well.

Step 2:
Enlarge it


Based on what you went with for the crashed escape pod, you could do something like this:




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it didint have a bottom because that was in the swamp


whhat does that mean

You put the 3d printers in the front?

yes becasee there could be a broken glass top in the front here ill show you

Also in layers you can make the bottle under the 3d printers

I see

ohh i didint know that