Can you guys help me with alliteration?

I want to use alliteration for my areas in my map, please help me with a forest, underwater, medieval castle and desert. (more if you like).

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the frightening, foggy, forest


It’s not supposed be that scary, just a little.
It’s sorta like this

the cricking, chirping, wildwood, woodlot, brushwood, brake, forestland, foggy, forest


very big word for forest XD, but you can just cut some out

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Will this help?


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use trees with no leaves, shadows, dirt, rocks, broken glass, notes, broken buildings, etc.

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What about the others?

The underwater underland is under the radar with this underground unibusiness
this is so random :cry:

Tomato tundra OR tomato temple?

Passive pasture?

Amazing archipelago? Dazzling desert?


Why?? Tomatoes are yummy :frowning: jk

Because tomatoes aren’t part of my map.

I know I was just joking

Well I was guessing but are the other ideas good? (sorry I didn’t see you wanted specific ideas)

Medieval Meadows

Salty Springs

Shallow Shores

Just some ideas

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What about Fruitless Forest, Daring Desert, Creepy Castle, and Weepy Water?

I’ll take the second one. Thanks!