Can you group items together?

mysz is the troller

You forgot that @NavyCatZ answers about 95% of the help posts.

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@mysz is just strait up pi🥧

What’s a ‘solutions’
I see it on some profiles.

You have one, I have 2, Navy has 1 billion :slight_smile:

look at this

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I have 41. Also Thats_gimpossible came back, and Alan_shen still hasn’t.

I have 20 or so.

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Who has 10 solutions???

Your smarter then me, you have an infinite number of digits, I have 10


@LxmasHaxTakis is the…

PSA writer.

Yes that’s true lmao

sus dude :slight_smile:


How do I know how many solutions I have?

It’s on your profile, and you have 6


Yeah I see it now.